Downton Abbey Luncheon–Followed by a DVD Marathon

The war is over, but intrigue, crisis, romance, and change still grip the beloved estate in the thrilling new season of Downton Abbey. Written and created by Julian Fellowes, with its all-star returning cast and Oscar-winning guest star Shirley MacLaine, Downton Abbey, Season 3 premieres January 6, 2013 on Masterpiece classic! Until then, explore all things Downton, from war to peace to everything in between–including a luncheon fit for the Crawley family.

I must confess that I am a recent convert, thanks to my hairstylist’s stellar praises, and continued dismay at my not ‘getting with the program’–so to speak.

Today I prepared cucumber slices, deviled eggs, and baked potatoes–all of which were garnished with caviar. All of my ingredients, including the caviar, were reasonably priced.

American Paddlefish Caviar – Paddlefish (Polyodon Spathula), often called “Spoonbills,” are a cousin to sturgeons and yield roe ranging in color from pale through dark steel-grey and golden “osetra brown”. The caviar is smooth and silky with a rich flavor.

The small container from Trader Joe’s supplied enough caviar for 3 or 4 generous servings; 5 or 6 servings for those less adventurous guests.

Your deviled eggs need only be of the non-spicy variety, your potato skins oiled before baking, and your cucumbers sliced thin.

Metal spoons must not be used for caviar. Since I do not own a mother of pearl spoon, I substituted a plastic spoon (fast-food or child’s).

A top drawer feast, encompassing all the senses. Enjoy the experience.




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