Why Do I Remember These Things?

You know how it is, you read a hint in the newspaper or online, a friend/grandmother passes along a gem of information. . .and you store all of this information way for future reference. I decided to share a few of these hints. First because I enjoying sharing via my blogs and Pinterest boards, and secondly because I really, really need to stop recalling these ‘gems’ at 2:30 in the morning!

~ Pick the first bag. USDA research shows that spinach packed in clear containers and continuously exposed to supermarket lights maintains photosynthesis. The best bet for nutrition is the bag basking in the front.

~Crack eggs like pro. No tapping your eggs on the side of a bowl or with the edge of a knife blade. Instead, tap on a flat (paper towel covered) surface. This ensures the shell doesn’t break into smithereens.

~Chill your cookie dough. If not overnight, at least for two hours. Chilling ensures the dough is cold and dry. The cookies will bake and brown more evenly and will spread less on the baking sheet.

~This hint is one I have yet to try but sounded interesting: Before roasting–take a blow dryer to your chicken. Use the no-heat setting to dry the skin. The circulating air is reported to help draw the moisture from the skin, resulting in a crispy crust when roasted in a hot, dry oven.


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