Easy, Breezy Summer Family Cooler

Cranberry-Lime Cooler It’s a refreshingly different beverage to pair with any meal of the day. 6-oz. can frozen limeade concentrate, thawed 4 c. cold water 16-oz. bottle cranberry juice cocktail 1/4 c. orange drink mix ice cubes Garnish: fresh mint sprigs Prepare limeade with water in a large pitcher. Stir in cranberry juice and orange … Continue reading

Coffee–Is it Really Good for You?

Now that the slow days of summer are ending, you may need some more caffeine.  Caffeine binds to adenosine receptors inm the brain preventing adenosine.  A, a natural sedative, from attachint itself and making you feel drowsey. What caffeine does: Keeps us more alert Improves endurance exercise Eases headaches May protect against Alzheimer’s disease What … Continue reading

A Taste of Morocco

Does the word couscous being to mind fragrant spices and exotic music? Do you smooth a little olive oil over your hands as a skin softener? Does possibility of own a real tamarin clay baking dish make you drool? If your answer is yes to any, or all, of this questions. I have good news … Continue reading

Wieners and Spaghetti

Have you ever seen something so strange and unnatural looking that you just can’t stop staring? If not, my wieners and spaghetti dish should do the trick! While heating water to a boil, slice hot dogs into thick sections. Take standard size spaghetti pasta and push several strands through each wiener (see photo). Cook as … Continue reading

Cowboy Kisses

Cowboy Kisses (with Hot, Hot Dipping Sauce) I discovered there is a restaurant in Manhattan, New York (around Third Ave & 27th) named the Rodeo Bar and Grill. . .Honky tonk. Oh, so perfect! What more could a western contemporary romance novelist desire in a dinning experience? Now that I’ve set you up with a … Continue reading

Faux Rocky Mountain Oysters

Faux Rocky Mountain Oysters I have a very broad appreciation of the unusual when it comes to food. I have tasted Rocky Mountain Oysters with a horseradish dipping sauce while vacationing in Colorado. And I enjoy offering a ‘not frequently prepared’ food item at my dinner parties. Faux Rocky Mountain Oysters will be the highlight … Continue reading

Faux Foie Gras

CHICKEN FAUX GRAS SERVES12 (FIRST COURSE) ACTIVE TIME:45 MIN START TO FINISH:4 3/4 HR (INCLUDES COOLING) Foie Gras is unavailable in California (I do agree with PETA) but this is a good substitution. Delicious with chilled Champagne! ADAPTED FROM HAPPY IN THE KITCHEN BY MICHEL RICHARD FOR MOUSSE 1 cup finely chopped onion (1 medium) … Continue reading