Looking for a Better Butter Swap?

Cut saturated fat and cholesterol from butter with two tasty tips from Danny Boone, host of Recipe Rehab. ➡ Spread avocado on toast, it’s yummy, with fiber, vitamin C and potassium. ➡ Substitute Greek yogurt for butter in baking to add protein and moisture and cut calories. Use 1/2 cup Greek yogurt for every 1 … Continue reading

A Taste of Morocco

Does the word couscous being to mind fragrant spices and exotic music? Do you smooth a little olive oil over your hands as a skin softener? Does possibility of own a real tamarin clay baking dish make you drool? If your answer is yes to any, or all, of this questions. I have good news … Continue reading

Wieners and Spaghetti

Have you ever seen something so strange and unnatural looking that you just can’t stop staring? If not, my wieners and spaghetti dish should do the trick! While heating water to a boil, slice hot dogs into thick sections. Take standard size spaghetti pasta and push several strands through each wiener (see photo). Cook as … Continue reading